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IPA w/ Ekuanot, BRU-1 & Cascade

Bone Machine, Whiplash

440ml CanBallyfermot 6.2% ABV 35 IBU Rated 3.81/5 9683 Rating Bone Machine is our straight-up modern American IPA. Beginning with super soft water its grist is over 60% Oat and Wheat...

West Coast IPA

Covered In Dust, Whiplash

440ml CanBallyfermot, Dublin 6.8% ABV No IBU Rating: 3.81/5 848 Ratings Light amber in colour, the base is built on Golden Promise, famed for its honey sweetness and rich roundness. There’s a...


Dark Steering, Whiplash

440ml CanBallyfermot, Dublin 5.2% ABV No IBU Rated 3.81/5 330 Ratings German black lager! Nose of fresh bread crust, black cherry and a hint of fairy cakes. Flavour matches in amongst...

Imperial Stout

Fatal Deviation, Whiplash

440ml CanBallyfermot, Dublin 10% ABV No IBU Rated: 4.02/5 3667 Ratings No Cocoa Nibs.No Vanilla Pods.No Coffee.No Pumpkin Spice Mix.No Waffles.No Biscuits.No Fried Chicken.Straight up dirty stout.

International Women's Day Pale Ale

Got to Keep On, Whiplash

440ml CanBallyfermot, Dublin 5.3% ABV No IBU Rating: - Pale Ale Brewed for International Women's Day. A beer created by a team that features our talented female brewers is not a...

Pale Ale

Loud Places, Whiplash

330ml CanBallyfermot, Dublin 5% ABV No IBU Rated: Not Yet Pilot Kit   Pale Ale

Baltic Porter

Melody Noir, Whiplash

440ml CanBallyfermot, Dublin 7.2% ABV No IBU Rated: 3.7/5 436 Ratings We’ve built Melody Noir with a super soft water base and stayed true to the style focusing on continental Pilsner,...


Melted, Whiplash

440ml CanBallyfermot, Dublin 5.4% ABV No IBU Rated: Not Yet 0 Ratings The lager series is back, this time with RYE! This roggenbier is a beautiful copper colour that has light...

Double IPA w/ Galaxy & Amarillo

Nice Dream, Whiplash

440ml CanBallyfermot, Dublin 8% ABV No IBU Rated 3.89/5 2127 Ratings A look at the archives led us back to Nice Dream, first released in 2019 and now ready to return again!...

Belgian Quadrupel

Quad of Paradise, Whiplash

440ml CanBallyfermot, Dublin 11.1% ABV No IBU Rated: Not Yet 0 Ratings Quad of Paradise begins in the mash with a hefty, sticky and dense mix of Pilsner and Vienna but...

Brown Ale

Quiet Crowd, Whiplash

330ml CanBallyfermot, Dublin 5% ABV No IBU Rated: Not Yet Pilot Kit   Brown Ale

Robust Porter

Scaldy Porter, Whiplash

440ml CanBallyfermot, Dublin 5.5% ABV 61 IBU Rating: 3.73/5 2006 Ratings Robust Porter w/ Chocolate, Aromatic, Smoked and Brown Malt. The annual return of Whiplash's first ever release, all the...

Oaked & Smoked Brown Ale

Smoke Stack Lightnin, Whiplash

440ml CanBallyfermot, Dublin 8.5% ABV No IBU Rated Not Yet No Ratings Still time for dark & toasty beer this year! Nose of dark fruit like raisins and dates dominates with coffee...

Triple IPA w/ Strata, Azacca, Sultana

Sound of Silver, Whiplash

440ml CanBallyfermot, Dublin 10% ABV No IBU Rated: Not Yet 0 Ratings We’re back on the Triple IPAs! Sound of Silver weighs in at 10% ABV, and gives us a huge...

DIPA w/ Citra, Mosaic & Columbus

Surrender to the Void, Whiplash

440ml CanBallyfermot, Dublin 8.5% ABV 100+ IBU Rated 4.16/5 4724 Ratings STTV is a full-on, tropical Double IPA pushing the boundaries of all its parts. Fruity, dry, never cloying and bursting...

Dry Hopped Pilsner

True Love Waits, Whiplash

440ml CanBallyfermot, Dublin 5% ABV 40 IBU Rating: 3.93/5 145 Ratings We’re taking it back to the very start of the Whiplash story today, to the halcyon days of 2016....
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